Pesso Boyden

Personal Development using the Pesso Boyden Method.

The aim of Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor (PBSP), as described by Albert Pesso, is to become who we really are!

Whilst it may sound easy ..for people to just be themselves, in practice, it can feel unachievable! That simple task of being truly at ease and comfortable with oneself can feel like an impossible quest.

I am an accredited Pesso Boyden Practitioner, having trained for four years in the UK with Al Pesso and Lowijs Perquin.  I found the aim of PBSP to enable ‘people to become who they really’ to be very closely aligned to my own goal as a coach, that of enabling people to realise their potential not by acquiring a different self or changing who they are but by enabling them to be their authentic selves. I have found the techniques taught by Albert Pesso and developed by him and his wife Diane Boyden to be extremely powerful and effective at liberating the essential core of who we are…meant to be.. And ‘to be happy in an in imperfect world’

Albert Pesso and Diane Boyden created this method for over 50 years ago, and it is now widely used throughout Europe and the USA. As professional dancers, they became fascinated with how personal history seemed to limit expression through movement. They continue to integrate neuroscientific research into their mind-body approach and have refined a very exact system of facilitation

Creating New Memories

The PBSP system works by enabling the client to become more aware of their negative belief patterns or deficits. In PBSP, through a process called a structure, new memories are created, memories which whilst not replacing the old memories can sit alongside them and enable these ‘deficits’ to be met. A symbolic antidote is created through the process which is informed what was missing for us back then in the past. Whilst we cannot change history, these structures enable us to change our responses to it.

PBSP is a hugely respectful system which sees the client as being the equal of ‘therapist/facilitator’. Their job is to work with you, offering guidance and support, but essentially everything is done in the belief that all of the answers you seek are to be found within yourself.

Following these structures, people have reported they feel much more relaxed, and enjoy a sense of peace, happiness and contentment as they experience some freedom from their behaviour created by the past/as they begin to no longer expect the people in their lives, in the present to address the deficits of the past.


Albert Pesso is the co-creator, along with his wife Diane Boyden Pesso, of Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor, a widely respected interactive technique that helps clients create new memories to compensate for emotional deficits in the past.  He has been called one of the three living masters of body-based psychotherapy and was chosen to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award by the United States Association For Body Psychotherapy.

Al began his career as a dancer and choreographer, studying under the renowned Martha Graham while Diane received her training from the legendary Jose Limon and Ziegfield Follies star, Harriet Hoctor. They met as students at Bennington College, then married and danced together in New York City for several years.

Clients have included top executives of multinational corporations, high profile entertainers and individuals from every walk of life.  Al Pesso has written or contributed to almost a dozen books, written more than 50 articles, and led hundreds of seminars around the world. 

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