Personal Development Workshops

As well as running groups I also offer one to one sessions, in person and online.  I charge £125 for a session, which lasts approx 90 minutes.   If you book six sessions the fee is reduced to £510 payable in advance. With my colleague Marcus Gottlieb,  I am running an online group, which meets every two months.  Dates and details are below.


To Book or for more information please contact Deborah via email or by phone 07985   386040. 

Online Pesso Boyden Group

Dates:   Sun 22 November 2020 & Sat 23 Jan, Sun 21 March, Sat 22 May, Sun 18 July 2021.

Times: 10am to 6pm

Cost:  £125 per workshop or £575 for Nov 2020 to July 2o21 programme (5 workshops)

Venue:  The Group is currently meeting online.

Facilitator:    Deborah Clarke and Marcus Gottlieb

Oxfordshire  Pesso Boyden Ongoing Group

An opportunity to join an ongoing group  with this distinctive body-mind therapy

Dates:    Group to be resumed in 2021. Meeting on monthly on the third Thursday in the month.

 Times: 9.30 to 5.30pm

Cost:  £95 per workshop or £300 for 4 workshops

Venue : 7 Jacobs Yard, Middle Barton, Oxon, OX7 7BY


Nottinghamshire Pesso Boyden 4 Day Programme 

Dates:  tbc

Times: 9.30am to 5.30pm

Cost:  £140 for each 2 day event or £250 for the full programme

Venue: Southwell, Notts

Facilitator:    Deborah Clarke


Pesso Boyden Workshops

During a one day workshop, four people have a turn at a ‘structure’ (client session). Whilst the method is very structured, it follows the client completely and is very respectful and gentle. Yet people make profound changes and have major insights. Every single one of the ‘structures’ resonates and can provide great value to all of the participants.

Here are some things clients have said

“To be honest I never expected something so profound, to come from a one day workshop.”

“A magical day.’”

“I really felt as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and it has helped me deal with some of the issues that were troubling me.”

Deborah is incredibly skilled and intuitive. She provided a real sense of safety enabling me to access some profound, core healing. Throughout the structure, I felt held by her presence. She used her knowledge combined with her patience and perseverance to ensure that all my needs were met, as well as those of the support team. Since the structure my life is transforming in a way I never thought possible. I cannot thank Deborah enough for this new-found sense of freedom and belonging which means I feel more equipped to fulfil my life’s purpose. I look forward to working with her again and highly recommend the experience of a Pesso Boyden structure.

Much deep gratitude,
Deborah Haddon


“I feel in balance. Interestingly I feel I have embraced my warrior, and that that part of me feels heard and accepted and prepared to step back….so I feel a softness in my being…with a very secure knowing that I can step up if I need too… “

“Ok joke one first – it reaches the parts that other talking therapies just don’t reach.  This is the serious one ‘Although initially I thought that I would find working in a group intimidating, I discovered that that the dynamics of the Pesso group were the most supportive experience and helped me to trust in the process itself, this meant that I really benefited from some top class therapy.”

“When people leave a group with a sense of wonder about how a number of humans who hardly know each other, can come together and tend to the roots of their disquiet, with honour and sensitivity, you know something special has happened.” Tom Corbishley

“It was very powerful for me as an observer – I feel that I have learnt new things about the physical impact of this type of interaction. I also got insights into my role as a mother than I have found interesting and reassuring.” Tasha George

“It is beautiful to witness and participate in advances and transformations in another person’s energy field (or indeed one’s own), and there is always something useful to learn from this process.“ Elizabeth Cowdrey

“The description of how this work came into being deeply fascinated me as a performing artist, observing and experienced in issues around the psychology of performance; also as a complement to previous work/explorations in family constellations, voice dialogue, fooling, etc. Having attended a previous PB workshop with Deborah, I knew there was nothing to lose, and possibly much to gain.” Liz Cowdrey

“I am so grateful to Deborah for introducing me to Pesso Boyden. It is a truly wonderful technique that has opened my eyes to new possibilities. Deborah is a talented, creative and compassionate facilitator who gently guides the participants through their issues and traumas in a gentle yet highly effective way. I am privileged to have worked with Deborah on a number of occasions to deal with some of my issues and found the experience to have been enlightening and deeply rewarding. I have no hesitation in recommending Deborah and her work to anyone who feels drawn to working in this way. “ Carol Crowther


To book onto a workshop or for more information please click here to email Deborah.