What the customers say..

Working with Deborah has been a hugely valuable experience. Making appointments with Deborah meant I felt able to set time aside to articulate my plans, thoughts and feelings in what i knew would be a hugely constructive environment. In turn this seems to have opened up a mental space for me which has allowed me to continue to have those constructive conversations with myself about my current paths and where they might lead in the future” Rachel Egan (Life coaching client) 

“Deborah is an inspirational coach and uses some very interesting techniques to facilitate a positive sense of well being and personal harmony. Ideal for stressed business owners trying to balance work and family life.” Graham Hill (Business coaching client)

“I can honestly say that the coaching I have had with Deborah, has had a significant impact on my effectiveness at work and my satisfaction with life in general. I would recommend coaching as a powerful learning method and management tool and I would endorse Deborah as an excellent coach.”

Jonathan Downes, Information Programme Manager, Worcestershire County Council

“Deborah has an engaging style and is a great listener. She is capable of making you feel relaxed from the first meeting. She has a natural sense of fun and can put across real challenges to your perception of yourself that do affront or offend. Her natural demeanour and style make being honest about yourself and your beliefs and behaviours easy, without embarrassment.

Her charm and listening skills cloak the depth of coaching tools and skills which Deborah applies with ease and seamlessly, thereby providing the perfect coaching solution; that is someone you like being with who provides enormous benefit. I owe a lot to Deborah for my recent successes across the whole spectrum of my life and have recommended her to many of my friends. I wholeheartedly endorse her work as a coach.”
Rod Horrocks, Business Development Director of H3 Partners Limited

“Deborah has worked with me for approximately 18 months, as my life coach working successfully through a number of personal and work related issues. Deborah’s approach is all about making the recipient look at the issues that need to be confronted and then finding ways to help deal with and ultimately resolve them. Her style is non confrontational and in many cases fun to do, which makes tackling the issues less daunting. Deborah is patient, funny and very intuitive. I would happily recommend Deborah to anyone.”
Peter Hirschfeld, Community Development Officer (Parish Plans)

“Deborah has a very calming presence and is a great listener. I have a sense she is deeply interested in what I have to say and at the same time, she could ask some really pertinent questions that take me right to the core of who I am. If you are interested in exploring who you are in a safe and accepting environment and being challenged in a way you don’t even know you are, then Deborah is the coach for you.”
Joyce Chiu Broadbent, Counsellor / Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Reiki Master

“Deborah is excellent at helping me to focus on my priorities and to tap into what energises me, which I am convinced has been instrumental in helping me to be clear about how to grow my business – I would recommend Deborah to anyone who wants to take a regular time out for themselves in a structured and beneficial session each month.”
Carole Longden, Director of Longden Ltd

“I tried Create Coaching because although I knew what I wanted out of life, I didn’t quite know how to go about things and I needed someone to ‘push’ me a bit!  Deborah helped me bring out the answers that I already had (which were hidden somewhere). I now feel more self confident and happier with who I am”
Ivania Elena, Professional dancer & actor

“Through coaching I began to explore not only work issues, but life issues and function as a person both in work and life. Deborah provided a safe environment to think things through, and make sense of things and be creative and get ‘out of the box’!  It  has given me the boost and confidence to try, do and explore things that I wouldn’t have done in the past.  I have achieved a lot of new things as a result of Deborah’s coaching.  It has changed my life!”
Education Manager, Local Authority

“I found it very beneficial to talk through my goals with an independent voice and to discuss progress and problems openly. I have now developed a career plan that I can work towards. This has given me focus and belief in myself. I have found it fascinating how much is within me that I did not understand. It has been interesting to draw this out and understand my beliefs and what drives me.”
Senior Manager, BMW

“Deborah has the ability to make me take ownership of our discussions and to let me see that it is my responsibility to sort it out!”
Helen Anglum, Deputy Chief Executive, Voluntary Organisation

“One of the reasons why I haven’t had many sessions with you is because I have profited enormously from each of them. I have found you and your sessions objective, sensitive, clear and indeed very helpful. They have always marked crucial moments in my life when I have felt stuck or unclear and the results have always been massive steps forwards. Thank you ever so much for that!”
Patrissia Cuberos, Writer

“Deborah’s coaching method introduces an atmosphere of calm reflection where the individual can gain greater understanding about their personality and aspirations. Deborah’s dialogue with the individual reinforces a person’s appreciation of self-worth. Moreover her approach promotes and sustains a level of confidence within the individual that not only allows the individual to interact more readily and efficiently with their known environment but to face new challenges with a determined rigour.

Beware though; Deborah’s methods are not pain free. You are rigorously challenged to look deep within yourself not only to promote the characteristics that are good about you but to honestly face and understand the characteristics that are holding you back. Understanding the totality of such characteristics about yourself allows Deborah to guide you to achieving your aspirations.

I have gained from Deborah an ability to focus more positively and build on my strengths with honest and productive self-criticism where I feel I have let my standards drop or in areas that I need to improve. Ultimately, through Deborah’s coaching you will become more positive about yourself and your abilities.”
Robert Stephen Davies, BMW Group

Working with Deborah has allowed me to move forward in my career and work through issues that have seemed major obstacles in my life and career for years; and have stopped me achieving my full potential. I found Deborah warm and friendly, easy to talk to and non judgemental. I have looked forward to my sessions and through Deborahs help have over come these issues and found practical solutions that have worked. Thank you
Claire Christiansen, client.

I have had the pleasure of working with Deborah for a number of years now. She has a wonderful engaging style that makes you feel immediately at ease and in safe hands. During coaching sessions, Deborah has a way of allowing you to wander freely amongst your thoughts while guiding and directing your self-questioning with intuitive brilliance. She is capable of bringing you to that nugget of clarity and understanding every time.

My sessions with Deborah are extremely valuable in gaining deeper insight and understanding around aspects that I have been stuck with in my life. Her guidance and support has helped me in creating positive change, which has made a significant difference in many areas of my life.

Kirsten Sheat, Life Coach (Dip LC, Inst. LC)

‘I came to Deborah for career’s coaching. Deborah’s presence makes you immediately feel comfortable around her and she is a great listener. You can tell her anything. She not only coaches you about your career, but also lets you consider all the other facets of your life that have an impact on your career choices and decisions. She is a great motivator and sees the strengths and skills of people very easily. Not only that, but she helps people realise their potential and use it positively in their lives. She gave me great advice on interview skills that landed me a good job soon after!’

Michelle Geiger