Been Busy? I have been too busy to write this blog.

by Deborah on October 13, 2017

Being Busy…a Modern disease?


How did I manage this? I gave up my part-time arts job (Director of Arts at Stowe) so I could develop my life coaching, (my passion for helping others to achieve ..) Such a busy demanding job, I thought I would now have time for a life and a job. Be a Life Coach with a Life.

Week one

I oscillate between a sort of a feeling of joyous freedom and then slide into a sort of rising panic…. what am I going to do with all this time…? House Work? (I wonder what uncomfortable feelings and personal issues have I been keeping at bay, too busy to handle? )

Week Two

My schedule seems to have filled up and I am back to worrying/thinking ‘how am I going to have time to fit my life into the week”

What is this addiction /this obsession with being busy. Do I equate busy with success? Is this a curse of the modern life . Why are we all so busy? Do we wear it like a badge of honour. Compulsive Sharing, bemoaning the state of busy modern life. We try and squeeze being mindful into our busy lives. When I met someone who is by nature mindful, I was told that he struggles to find employment, not because he can’t learn or work, but that he is not speedy enough.

What is normal? It gets warped. We.. I …get impatient if I need to slow traffic. if someone ahead is not going at the speed I think they should be going … if my computer is slow to respond. If my brain does not allow me to think quickly enough.. I even eat too fast. Trying sometimes to remember to chew slowly….that is such an effort.

I think I am not alone

I am not alone in checking my emails in bed late at night. How quickly I get frustrated and forget what a privilege it is to be able to drive a car, or correspond with others around the from my computer sitting at my desk.

Can mindfulness be a way of life instead of an ten minute activity on the to do list?

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