Transform your beliefs – transform your life !

by Deborah on April 14, 2012

Transform Your Subconscious Beliefs, Transform Your Life

How the three table system of my education has transformed into a  circle of learning.


Coming back from my last training weekend with Al Pesso (I am currently training to be a Pesso Boyden practitioner,  I return  very excited by all my new learning!  This time I have I am bringing home  a real insight into how my early experience of primary school has had  a lasting affect on my way of seeing the world.  We’ve  all heard about the subconscious mind, that much of our behavioral and thought patterns are directed by it, and not by the conscious mind. In fact many years of research has shown that 95% or more of our behavior is controlled by the subconscious.  Our childhood experiences and our childish interpretations and the meanings we put onto these childhood events help create our subconscious belief system.  Somewhat shockingly I have discovered that we, that I, live our lives without a clear awareness of many of these key formative experiences.   They remain buried in unawareness.    This is my story of a recent journey.


On day two of the training I woke from a dream with this image from my childhood,  I was sitting at the middle table in primary school.    To my right there was the bottom table, to my left there was the top table.     I was in the middle.  I was at the middle table, fairly and squarely average.  Suddenly I see with certain clarity how ‘this three table mentality’,  has formed such a major part of my belief system.   I now realise how hard my conscious mind has had to work to fight against this mentality.    Whilst never at the bottom of the table of life, whenever I felt that I might become too successful or too powerful I realise I feel  uncomfortable and  anxious.  I now realise I have been much more at home with moderate success and moderate achievement.   Whilst my conscious mind has been very frustrated over the years, my subconscious mind has been working implacably to keep me at ‘average’.  Whatever ‘average’ means.?  Well now the light is shining into the murky darkness I see average for me translates as seeing some people below and others on top and myself occupying the middle ground (the middle table!).     I am sure the teacher who created this system  had merely thought the order of his tables would help him teach more effectively. I am sure he had no idea that it would help me create a way of seeing the world and my place in it.  (Although our education system and our class system come to think of it do seem built around this belief)


This subconscious belief of mine has been so pernicious because I have been so unaware of it.


Through my participation in the training method of Pesso Boyden System Psychomotor (PBSP)  I managed not only to become aware of this subconscious belief but to  powerfully reverse it.   Now it has disappeared.  It has dissolved. And in its place there is the strong solid image of a circle.  This circle has become  my  new memory.


In PBSP we locate  the injustices in our  history and then use a powerful methodology to reverse them.   Through this we can discover what our life would have been like now,  if the ideal event, the ideal parent, the ideal situation had been there in place of the one that  wounded and created a lasting deficit, (or in my case here a damaging subconscious belief!).  I was able to create ‘my ideal teacher’ who if they had been there back then would have led me at the age of 8 to my place at the circle of learning.  And I am staying here for the rest of my life.


‘Argue for your limitations,  and sure enough,  they’re yours’


Richard Bach ‘ Jonathan Livingston Seagull.


I have always believed this saying to be true but now I know I will no longer be sabotaging myself by internally  arguing for my own limitations. My current feelings of elation and glowing confidence may fade but I know with quiet certainty  that the limitation with which I have struggled over the years has lifted leaving in its place endless possibility.



The aim of PBSP is to enable people to become the person they truly are, and my example provides a powerful example of this work in action.  I was not born to take my place at the middle table, always underachieving and remaining average.  I was born with the potential (along with everyone else) to take my rightful place in the sphere of life.

Bring it on!!………………..


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